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Big Paw Services is locally owned and operated non-franchised family business specializing in dog
training,  behavior modification, dog walking, pet sitting, and more. We are fully bonded and insured.
Proudly serving Boulder, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Nederland, and surrounding area, CO.
Big Paw Services is registered, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters International membership
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All dog training sessions are conducted privately at your home or nearby park

Training Methods and Theories We Apply:

Bite Diversion Boulder
Behavioral Dog Training in Boulder
Obedience Dog Training in Boulder

Behavior Issues


Bite Diversion

Puppy training
Basic training
Advanced &
off leash
T-CUP - Trust, Compassion, Understanding, and Patience (our fundamental core system)
Canine Psychology - how they view, feel, and relate to the world as dogs
Learning Theories - behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism
CAT - Constructional Aggression Treatment
Counter Conditioning and Desensitization - for behavior modification
Classical Conditioningresponding to certain stimuli instinctually for desired behavior
Operant Conditioning - behavior is modified by its consequences
Positive Reinforcement - encouragement with reward, not punishment
Pressure and Release - psychological, not physical - encourages thinking
Doggie Employment - Providing doggie tasks to satisfy innate desire to "please"
Doggie Communication - learn what you communicate to your dog and vice versa
And of course lots of love and patience!
We aren't limited to one or two "golden rule" training methods.  We will use whichever training method or philosophy we deem fit and humane.

Much like people, dogs have different learning styles or preferences.  Some people for example are spatial or visual learners while others are linguistic or musical learners.  It will not do a student any good if they are spatial learners and the teaching focus is geared for linguistic learners. Similarly, limiting training to just one training method such as the click-and-treat method may not be the right approach to reach, teach, or modify some dogs; behaviors.  We modify the training to fit your and your dog's learning preferences.

Big Paw Services is proud to be the go-to behaviorists choice for the Boulder County judicial system.  We love to help anybody with their "trouble maker" however, we take great pride in the trust and belief our local judges, district attorney's office, probation officers, Boulder Police Animal Control officers, and Open Space all have in our trainer, Adir.   

A Bit More About Our Training Philosophy

Do you have any questions?  Call or email us at (303) 498-9958
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Bite Diversion in Boulder Bite Diversion in Boulder
Behavior modification dog training in Boulder Behavior modification dog training in Boulder
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