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Big Paw Services is locally owned and operated non-franchised family business specializing in dog
training,  behavior modification, dog walking, pet sitting, and more. We are fully bonded and insured.
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We use various humane training philosophies and approaches to fit you and your dog's personalities - see more below
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Behavioral Modification Therapy
Aggreesive Dog Training
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Our Approach?  Fix the Problem, Not the Symptom

What do we mean by this?  Many times trainers focus on the symptom; the negative behavior you are currently experiencing with your dog.  This approach may work at times, however it may not because it did not focus on the real issue causing the negative behavior in the first place.  We focus on where the symptom is coming from so we can better help you resolve and modify the behavior you are currently experiencing for a longer lasting "fix".

Most dogs can be rehabilitated.  There are no ifs, whats, or buts about this.  If you are a serious canine guardian you will follow our instructions and do the work and see the results.  It will be time consuming.  It may seem that it is getting worse before it is getting better.  This is good!  This is your furry friend communicating their frustrations that the old ways aren't working and a new approach is needed to gain other results.  This is the critical moment for a successful rehabilitation because the dog's psychology is ready, not because we stuffed his/her mouth with treats.  

Our behavior modification rehabilitation training is unique and COST EFFECTIVE! Most are shocked to discover that what they believed to be a serious or dangerous problem can be resolved in very few training sessions despite previous attempts with other trainers.  Some clients have even been told by other "professional" trainers that their dog cannot be rehabilitated and even recommended euthanasia!  These trainers failed the dog, not the other way around, because of their limited knowledge or "religious" belief that their golden method (usually click-and-treat) is the only approach.  This is far from the truth.  

All dogs are as different from one another as all humans are their own individuals.  Let's say you and I both had the same traumatic experience when we were 11 years old.  Later in life we realize something is wrong with us, something was holding us back or making us behave in an unacceptable way.  We sought professional help because we wanted to be better people for ourselves, our partners, children, or society.  Will our therapists (even if it's the same one) use the exact same psychological theory or approach to help us?  Maybe, but unlikely because we both shared different experiences throughout our lives.  What will work for you to resolve your childhood issues may not work for me because I am not you; I have a different psyche because of my experiences or environment.  Dogs are no different.  Each is an individual with their own unique psyche and personality.

Behavior Modification Info:

Completely tailored to your needs and dog's abilities and comforts
Conducted at your home or nearby park where behavior occurs in it's natural environment
Learn the tools you'll need to continue working with to modify the behavior
Call or email us anytime for reaffirmation, review, or refreshers - FREE
*we'll work with you until we resolve the issues - we won't tell you it's hopeless
Behavior Modification Training Rates
~1.5-hours per session.

Behavior Modification Rates:

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