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Just House Sitting in the Boulder Area

We maintain your home for a live-in appearance and preemtively prevent damages or save valuables in case of natural disasters
Free house sitting in Boulder

Paid Option

Free Option

Paid Option Paid Option
Free Option Free Option

Paid option:

We can come by as many times as needed for $14.95 per visit to alternate blinds/curtains, lights, cars, water plants (indoor and outdoor), and make sure blackouts didn't reset automated lights, sprinklers systems/timers, or other equipment.

We'll also make sure to flush all the toilets to protect from calcium build up and make sure there are no leaks due to lack of usage, faulty systems, or frozen pipes exploding.  We'll also take care of any other needs you may have.
Our other option we can offer you is an exchange.  While you are away for extended periods of times, we can have one of our sitters stay at your home as part of a live-in exchange to provide you with the security and safety you might prefer for your home while we maintain your home as described in the paid option to be operational and look as if it is still occupied by you daily. 

Thieves stake out homes before they target a few specific one.  When they see there isn't much activity for an extended period of time as compared to different times when you were home that's when they will take their changes to check if anyone is really home.  They'll come knocking on the door a few times to "sell" you something.  If someone answers the door, they'll cross the home out of their list.  If no one answers after a few times (they do this a few times at various times of day to make sure you don't have an odd work schedule). 

Alarms are great but due to many false calls, it takes authorities too long before they are sent to investigate.  By the time they arrive, your valuables are gone with a gift of thousands of dollars in damages from them breaking walls, trashing your furniture, running the faucets to create water damages (just because they are spiteful despicable humans) and more.  This is something that is usually unknown to most people until they fall victim.  Most house break-ins also typically occur during the day time when most people are at work or busy outside of the home.

By just having someone at the house, thieves see regular home activities.  They see the mail is being picked up daily, trash/recycling bins go the the curb, lights and blinds get alternated, your cars or the sitters alternate or at least move parking spots every so often so the dirt or leaves don't gather up under the tires - a sign of inactivity thieves look for.

We could go on...

As a live-in house-sitter, should a forest fire be nearing, or a flood as we earned in the summer of 2013 is now a very real possibility, we will save as many valuables, papers, and sentimental objects as we can.  And since we'll be living at your home when we don't have other overnight gigs, we'll be much more familiar with what is where so we could save as much as we can in a shorter period of time.

This option is best for individuals or families with winter/summer homes looking for an economical option rather than have a property management company look over your property once every few weeks or renting it out to people you have not met or fully trust with keeping your home in one piece. 

From our experience, we have been watching a few homes now from as far back as 2009, all it takes is one cold night to freeze your pipes or for a toilet / fouset leak to destroy your home.  Damages, when not caught immediately can result in very expensive and time consuming repairs.  Sure, your insurance will cover the costs of repair it but is it worth going through all that trouble let alone replacing sentimental objects or stuff the insurance company will not replace because you don't have sufficient proof as to it's worth or because their formulas depreciate things at a greater rate than the value you'd put on them?

For more information, please contact us.

Free option: live-in exchange for long-term trips