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Big Paw Services is locally owned and operated non-franchised family business specializing in dog
training,  behavior modification, dog walking, pet sitting, and more. We are fully bonded and insured.
Proudly serving Boulder, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Nederland, and surrounding area, CO.
Big Paw Services is registered, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters International membership
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We do our best to schedule the pet sitter of your choice for overnight pet sitting but this service guarantees it

How to request a sitter of your choice?

Simple: When you make your overnight pet sitting reservation tell us which sitter you'd like by name and we'll make sure to schedule him or her for you.

*this program operates on a first come first served bases.

There's a few good reasons:

Why do we have additional fees for a pet sitter request?

What if I don't care which pet sitter is sent to my house?

Not a problem.  All of our sitters are awesome or we wouldn't risk hiring them to represent us. Being a small business we started from the ground up risking everything, we don't just hire anyone.  Most of our sitters are people we have personally known for years.  Two even started off as our clients! 

We have a diverse group of helpers from school teachers to pre/post doctorate students at our disposal.  We don't hire inexperienced or under-qualified "flakes" we wouldn't trust with our own pets!
Some pets are very picky about who they are comfortable with and require the same individual to take care of them. 
Sometimes our clients prefer to give access to just one person they are comfortable with and trust with their home, property, or pets.
Other times it's because we can't be at more than 2 places at once.  Unlike many hobby pet sitters, we will NEVER double book, bounce from house to house, or take pets from one home to another.  That is the exact opposite to why we started our business.
There are some clients who would like Adir to also personally work with their dog's behavioral issues or work on or reinforce basic/advanced training during his stay. When you add up Adir's years of experience, rate of success, and the amount of time he will be personally spending with your dog it becomes a wise economical choice - you get a lot for very little.
Lastly, we feel that by creating a private request system similar to other industries, our clients will get an even more extraordinary service because our sitters will feel even more appreciated motivating them to go the extra mile or two to show you their appreciation.  You can be sure your pets will be pleased and happy to see you on your return as if you never left!

Request a sitter rates:

*all requests must be for the duration of the entire pet sitting job.
When you can get hours of private one-on-one daily training by a professional behaviorist dog trainer the Boulder judicial system appointed as their go-to Bite/Bark Diversion evaluator and behaviorist trainer how can you possibly say no to just $35 a day for such a great deal?

To learn more about Adir's experiences, which other public or private organizations use or refer him, AND a list of our clients who will personally tell you of their training experiences, check out our About Us, Why Us, or our Referral List pages.
Do you have any questions?  Call or email us at (303) 498-9958

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