I have two dogs that have been in trouble with the law twice for aggressive behavior toward other dogs.  The first time, we were sent to the Humane Society for training.  They had us follow the "click and treat" method of training.  And even though my dogs are old, they learned very quickly. However, that method didn't work very well when other dogs were present.  And sure enough, my dogs got in trouble again with another dog.  We then hired Adir to help us with our dog training.  He has a little bit different approach, although all of his training is positive reinforcement.  He brought a control dog to our house to have our dogs work with another dog present.  Adir is very knowledgeable about dog behavior and also how human behavior effects the dogs.  A lot of his training was to teach me how to react to certain situations.  In no time at all, we were meeting other dogs in the neighborhood with positive results.  And last session Adir took one of our dogs to the dog park to meet other dogs.  Adir is also very active with the courts. He interacts with my probation officer regularly.  He even videotaped our training sessions to show the probation officer our progress. I highly recommend Adir for all your dog training needs. He is awesome! - Gail, Boulder
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Zadia and Maxie Zadia Maxie Bombay Pandora
Adir and Dawn take such great care of my furry kids and my house when I travel. To be able to travel knowing that everything is in good hands back at home is absolutely priceless! Also, the special attention to my skittish female yellow lab mix has been so beneficial to her well being. With her daily mid-afternoon walks and following the advice provided by Adir to curb some behavioral issues, she has really transformed. My male golden retriever loves everyone, but he holds an extra special place in his heart for Adir! And when Henry comes over for a play date/overnight stay that is truly the icing on the cake! Dependability, reliability, knowledge, guidance, companionship and overall love for animals mixed with a comprehensive exercise program epitomizes Big Paw Services. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for peace of mind when traveling and supplementing the daily exercise for your dogs" - Ellen, Nederland
AJ smile AJ laying on couch AJ outside with ball
Adir is hands down the best pet sitter we have ever used. We can tell our shepherd, AJ, adores him. That lets us know they have fun together and AJ is properly cared for in all ways. Our home is always in excellent condition when we return, which is an added plus.  We also use Adirís training and walking services.  With his help, we conquered a couple of issues that have eluded us in the past, despite working with other trainers.  He has great insight to dog behavior and always keeping the best interest of the dog and the handler in mind. We give Adir a five star rating! - Margaret and Paul, Pinecliffe
Mini Mimi driving goggles Mini and Henry
Mimi has always been eager to make friends with humans and smaller canines, but she used to be fearful of larger dogs.  Adir's understanding of and ability to explain her reactions was really helpful, and he helped us realize what we were doing to contribute to her fearful behavior.  She is now more confident around larger canines and enjoys spending time with Henry when he comes to visit.  Thank you so much! - karen, Gunbarrel
Stan's dogs Loutsie Momo Kylis
When Shipoopi, our rescue Canaan puppy was introduced into our family Stain was not happy.  Despite being a third Shipoopi's size, she would attack ferociously. We could not leave the two of them alone without it resulting in injuries  Thanks to Adir's techniques we now have a wonderful peaceful family.  He even worked on Shipoopi's fears of strangers and thunder. You saved our family. Thanks so much!" - Esther, Boulder
Adir impressed us from the very beginning by touching our shy cat at our first meeting. Our cat doesn't let anyone but us touch him, but he let Adir touch him on the first visit! It was amazing.  He always takes great care of our cat when we are out of town and sends us pictures. We plan on always using him in the future and would recommend him for anyone who needs a good cat sitter.  - Hiroko, Boulder
With 5 dogs totaling over 700 lbs, it's hard enough having a photo shoot let alone finding a reliable pet sitter.  It's been years since my husband and I went away without the pups. It's not easy to care for 5 dogs each with a different diet, supplements, or medications. Walks are an art, and playing could easily get out of hand but not for Adir or Dawn. They even came to help us watch Kylis's litter 24/7 so we could take sleeping shifts.  Incredible service!

Adir's training methods solved our excessive barking problems with all 5 dogs!  We tried other trainers in the past and gave up.  Adir offered to only charge us after we see results because we didn't believe he could do what others couldn't. We highly recommend Big Paw Services to everyone! -
Gayle and Stan, Nederland
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