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Big Paw Services is locally owned and operated non-franchised family business specializing in dog
training,  behavior modification, dog walking, pet sitting, and more. We are fully bonded and insured.
Proudly serving Boulder, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Nederland, and surrounding area, CO.
Big Paw Services is registered, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters International membership
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Court Appointed
Animal Control Approved
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Bonded and Insured
Pet first aid and CPR
Animal Control

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First Aid CPR First Aid CPR
Bonded and Insured Bonded and Insured
Ethical Code Ethical Code
Animal Control Approved Animal Control Approved
Vet Recommended Vet Recommended
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Court appointed

When aggressions, excessive barking, or other behavioral issues don't reach resolution privately or legal action is required, Big Paw Services are appointed by the courts, city attorney, or Animal Control to assess, monitor, train, or rehabilitate any dog.  Why?  Because we have yet to fail a dog or recommend euthanasia, something others, including the Humane Society cannot claim!  No matter how severe the behavior, modification is almost always possible! 

Animal Control approved

If you find yourself, unfortunately, dealing with Animal Control for having a Dog At Large, or for having an "aggressive" dog or excessive barker, Big Paw Services is one of a few dog trainers / behaviorists in Boulder County approved by Animal Control for assessing or training your dogs through the Bite Diversion program.

In most cases, you have between 2 weeks to 60 days to contact us, however we recommend you do so sooner than later.  We communicate and send our reports directly to the Animal Control officer responsible for your case with our assessment or recommendations.  In most instances, once we pass along our report and a course of action(s) you should take to prevent future altercations, your "trouble" with the law usually ends there but is dependent on many factors such as probation or other court ruling.

Vet recommended

Many veterinarians in Boulder, Nederland, and even Estes Park recommend Big Paw Services to their patients.  They know and trust us or our abilities with dog training, behavior modification, dog walking, or our extraordinary pet sitting services.  You can find our posters or other materials at many local veterinarian hospitals or offices.
As members of PSI (Pet Sitters International), we our bound to a strict code of conduct or lose our membership which means no insurance which means no business.  We don't want to lose our business, it's our baby, so we will never do anything to jeopardize it!  You can trust us and not because we say so.  Feel free to ask for references, visit our testimonials, or ask for a password to access to our referral list.  The list includes many of our clients contact information so you can decide who you want to contact.  They will not receive a "heads up" phone call nor have you thinking in the back of your mind that perhaps they are our friends or family.  This is just another way for us to prove our integrity to you.

For details on the Code of Conduct we must uphold to as PSI members...

Code of ethics

Fully bonded and insured

What most people do not realize is once they are away from their home for more than a certain amount of days, many home insurance companies many not cover claims caused by internal flooding from leaks or frozen pipes since there was no one home to catch the problem in time.  A Bonded and Insured pet sitter does not only care for your pets or home, but he or she also acts as your legal resident representation; proof that someone was at your home while you are away diligently doing their best to minimize or prevent damages as best they can.   

Being bonded covers claims such as lost or stolen house keys (our insurance will cover all lock changes) or stolen personal property such as jewelry and other valuables.  However, you having nothing to worry about regarding theft, we aren't thieves nor do we hire anyone with such a background.  Everyone working for Big paw Services goes through a criminal background check as well as a credit checks.

For more information regarding our insurance and bonding coverage, please visit the International Pet Sitters Association or call them at (336) 983-9222.  You can also contact the underwriting insurance company, Business Insurers of the Carolinas, directly at (800) 962-6411 for more information.  

Pet first aid and CPR

We have professional background in Pet First Aid, including CPR, be it from military training or through other national certification courses such as Pet Tech or the American Red Cross.

It is important for us, as it is important to you, should an emergency occur, your pet sitter has the knowledge to realize something is amiss and needs medical attention.  Pets cannot tell us they are ill.  On the contrary, they will usually do everything possible to hide it from us because in their minds, being sick is a weakness and means being left behind.  It is up to us humans to be able to see, read, and interpret the subtle signs and messages pets communicate to us and seek immediate medical attention.
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